i just got a Charvel Charvette, and i was thinking about doing some paint work on it. it is black right now, but i wanted to make some pinstriping type thing around the edges in white. i dont want to have to paint the whole guitar and just maskout all the rest of the stuff. so how would i go about doing that? would i have to mask it out, and then take some sand paper carefully to only those areas, then painti it and clear it? or is it more complicated than that?
Calm down there, buddy.
It only makes you look needy.
I'd help you if I knew how, but I've never done a paint job.
My guess is though that you can't just tape off other stuff. It's be caking paint on top. And it would have an uneven and posssible even bumpy finish. Even if you sand it.
You probly have to strip, or sand, off the old paint job first.
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