Im stil new to blues harmonica and am trying to figure it out. If any of you know, can someone tell me how you go about bending the reeds? Thanks in advance.
Bending takes a lot of practice but ive found that if you say weeeooo or something like weird into the harp while you exhale it normally bends. Its hard to explain. You do know that you can only bend certain notes right?
No i was not aware of that, would also be helpful if you told me the most common key for blues harps(the harmonica itself), and which notes can be bent?
When you breath in and want to bend, make sure you suck all the air down into your chest, and put your toung by the roof of your mouth, like your whistiling.
I find it easier to bend on draw notes. If you pucker, just try whistling backwards and changing the pitch higher.
Whistle inhaling, then lower the pitch, it the same on a harp. To bend on a blow not, simply push your tongue forward.
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You can bend the lower notes on the harp while inhaling, and the higher notes while breathing out. Bend them by changing the shape of your mouth.