I am still searching for "the tone" if you get what I'm saying.

I have a 57 classic in the neck of my elitist les paul (epi) and a jb in the bridge.

I think it sounds great but I'm still looking for "that" tone.

I want a pickup with a crispy distortion in the bridge. Basically I want an eddie van halen tone.

Then in the neck I want a smooth velvety pickup for a Sweet child o mine tone.

I was looking at the alnico pro for the neck. I am pretty sure on that. The 57 classic is just a little harsh on the high notes and I want it to be smoother.

The JB has a nice crisp but it's a little thin on the high notes. It has just a tad too much treble. I want the crisp but not the thinness.

Anyone have any recommendations?
Try an Alinco II Humbuck by Seymor Duncan in the neck - tht is what slash uses for the smoother GnR songs
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bareknuckle VHII for bridge
bareknuckle stormy monday for the neck

but i would wait for dave to come and give his suggestion
^Eh, i'm a swineshead man through and through. Try out an xbucker and a warthog in the neck. I'm sure dave will tell you more on the warthog, he has one himself.
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id say seymor duncan for sure man they have that crisp tone or after
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i agree with the vh2 in the bridge. tie between stormy monday or mule in the neck-cant go wrong with either. i dont really reccomend any alnico II pup in a lp neck, it can get muddy as ****.
Wait everyone.....

Threadstarter, what amp do you have? That's gonna' alter the tone a lot more than pickups...
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^He's not looking for EMG's...

And I really, really hope that you play all them Gibsons into your Carvin, and not... urgh...
"Breathe, breathe in the air
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Fender Strat/Tokai LS80>few pedals>Orange Rocker 30
i wouldve gone with the bareknuckle mule in the neck then either emerald or vh2 in the bridge
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