First thanks for the suggestions on the amp. I am also considering changing pickups in my Epi SG. I have an Epi SG custom shop model. I play mostly classic rock from Skynyrd and ZZ Top. I'm considering either Gibson Classic 57's or the Burstbucker pros. This is a difficult decision because you can't easily demo pickups. Any suggestions?
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I am leaning towards the 57. I listened to some of the demo clips at Gibson's website after determining which SG came standard with them.
'57 for me as well. They sound much richer than stock pups, especially the neck! If you really want to compare the two, check out the Gibson Custom Shop Website. They have tons of soundclips featuring both '57 and Burstbucker equipped Gibbies.
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Seriously, this sounds like a pussy squable from Saved By The Bell or some **** like that.

I've got a 57' Classic in my neck position, and an Angus Young Signature pickup in the bridge and it sounds amazing! I can vouch for either of these two pickups. I can't say anything about the Burstbuckers though, because I've never played with them.