I cannot express how greatful I am for these boards. If it weren't for them, I'd still be working on melodies in the pentatonic minor scale. Over the past few days I have started learned the seven modes for each key, and am wondering what type of music (i.e. sad, upbeat, poppy, slow) and what style would go with each one (i.e. blues, latin, classical, funk, reggae) would go with each one

Also, regarding modes, how often should I use them during *gulp* solos and improvisations. I know I must sound like a broken record entitled Every Guitarist in the Modern World, but I'm feeling a little claustrophobic while using it, and I know I'm not only supposed to be using just the modes. Plus I just read an article on UG called "Why guitarists suck at solos" or something and it scared the **** out of me. Thanks
Locrian - Sad, and/or good for heavy stuff.
I think Phrygian's also sad.

And Mixolydian is used mostly for country stuff, although you can use it for other stuff.
Sorry, I know I'm of little help.
i kinda see where your coming from. Right now im just learning the different modes - studying theory over the summer pretty much.
i'll explain it how it is in my theory book, Hal Leanord Music Theory [for guitar].

Dorion [second mode] - describes it as a lighter, softer and a bit more mysterious than the 'heavier' more dramatic Aeolian mode because of the raised 6th degree. used in jazz blues and rock commonly

Phrygian [third mode] - says it gives you an exotic sound when played over a phrygian progression

Lydian [fourth mode] - has a 'dreamy' sound to it...sad...?

Mixolydian [fifth mode] - is used in a lot of different styles

Aeolian [sixth mode - minor scale] - 'romantic, heavey and melodromatic'...

Locrian [seventh mode] - uhh...just says that when played with a minor seven flat five, it nails all the tones...

not sure if this was of much help but...uhh...just play around with some of the modes, sometimes you might even have a different feeling about how a mode sounds
well, when ur soloing in the key of c, say c d e f g a b c,
then u play in d dorian, e phrygian, f lydian etc etc.
i think when applying modes to solos is what notes u exagerate to get the feel of "dreamy" or "sad" or "romantic" sounds.