I broke my pinky finger on my fret hand a year and a half ago but i still feel the effects when i play guitar. I have some trouble playing scales and even chord progressions especially if i think about it. It seems to have got crooked after the fact. When I bend it to fret it automatically wants to move inward. This is not a big problems but seems more of a nuisance as I progress as a guitarist. Have any of yall had any similar problems and if so how did you go about fixing it. Thanks
ya i cut my finger awhile ago and needed stitches but a couple months later it still bugs me
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I don't have as much cartilage as I should on the last knuckle of my left pinky, which pretty much makes it useless for anything other than chords. S'a bitch, but one works through it.
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here is an idea that is 100% sure to work, although as a human being i do not recommend it! re-break your finger and set it straight, or in the direction that best fits your personality; there, problem solved! i would try strething and warming up as mentioned by Kirby^, if that dont help, then try maybe tilting and moving your hand a little bit more instead of your finger itself.
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I shattered my fret hand in 17 places last year - it's now fine except for the finger next to my thumb which constantly feels stiff and reacts a little slower than the other fingers - lead is a bitch - chords are fine. To go about fixing it I swapped from being lead to ryhthym and vocals :-p

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