I've been obsessed with Phish lately. I personally think think their one of the most talented bands to ever have instruments in their hands. Their all amazing musicians. They have some awesome songs too, some simple and meaningful, some dumb and stupid, some insanely complicated but awesome. I think their one of the best live acts to ever come out of the 90's.

If you havn't heard phish, I highly, HIGHLY recomend these songs.

You Enjoy Myself
Run Like an Antelope

Anyone else know where I'm coming from?
I was going to name my favorite song, but that's way too impossible:

Weakapaug Groove
First Tube
You Enjoy Myself
Punch You In The Eye
Squirming Coil

I had heard Phish before and didn't understand the appeal but as soon as I became a pothead... bliss! I don't smoke pot anymore but I still love their stuff. Some of the lyrics make no sense, but that's part of what makes them interesting and great. Sometimes random lyrics from other artists seem like a contrived attempt at ostentatious whimsy. But with Phish it sounds as if the weird, unintelligible mess actually means something that they know and you don't.
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