Covers of metal tunes! Raining Blood, By Demons Be Driven, The Trooper, F*cking Hosti

Raining Blood:

You are playing the chorus part kind of wrong...Oh and dont pan the guitars so much maybe 50% left and right at the most... otherwise its too spaced out..

Seek and Destroy:

Pretty decent, could have been a little faster, make the solos a bit louder and more confident sounding...otherwise it was fine

The Trooper:

Less Reverb...otherwise sounds fine... u should learn the first solo better...less reverb...make them a bit louder too...

I didnt particularly like the vocals on any of them, but thats not what im judging so watever

what gear are u using?
Listening to ****ing Hostile now. Guitar and drums are good! Vocals blow but then what do I know, I don't do vocals. Not bad at all! Love the tone on By Demons Be Driven. Raining Blood whips ass. Great tone. Where you at?
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