try one of these 2 it'll be interesting

1. tell what guitarists have influenced what kind of gear you use/like

2.tell what kind of gear "style" you have developed on your own

like for instance, angus young influenced my style of guitar and slash for amps

i like guitars that have a vintage look obviously since i have a vintage g-400. something thats not the everyday, standard, kind of strat looking guitar. i also like gear accessory type stuff like for instance my strap has the suit of cards on it (heart, diamond, spade, club), idk how to describe it other than that

please no flaming for thinking of this and making a thread about it, i think it will be cool to see where everyone gets their style from

I know every single one of you who reads this thread has seen someone on stage or somewhere and theyre style of gear and everything just hits you in the face you like it so much, you only hope your style could be that cool haha.
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1. none i use what i feel is best for what i do in my band and solo works. though matthew bellamy has influenced me to get the zvex fuzz factory

2. most of the gear i use is the most basic **** ever. fender hot rod deluxe -> Zvex Fuzz Factory -> Fender MiM Strat
My friend influenced the guitar I bought. I played his for a month before I had money to get my first. I got the same since I was confortable.

The amp, it was either the Fender or an MG. I picked the Fender because MG had a bad rep. and the Fender looked cooler

The Vox, from people on UG who recommended it.

My style has adapted from many styles, ranging from Classic Rock to Modern Rock, I have developed my own habits and my own way to playing songs and learning new ones.
Satch=Whammy bar. For style... I suppose I am more of a guitar straight to amp type person. No stomp boxes exception of things like wah pedals. I'd prefer I get my tone through only an amp.
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Thomas Erak of the Fall of Troy, Omar Rodriguez from the Mars Volta and Jordan Buckley from Every Time I Die. All of them are huge influences on my style and I got my DL-4 because of Erak and Rodriguez and I plan on possibly buying an ESP EC series guitar because I love Jordan Buckley's tone. I also plan on buying an Orange AD30 and Marshall JCM900 because of Erak and Buckley and buying tons of pedals I care not to list out.
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well idk i like the schecter balckjack..but EMGs sound pretty damn metal..so i got them

im getting a peavey 6505+ as soon as i can afford it ( mostly in flames, arch emeny influence) but i liike the sound for i like.... its "the" melodic death metal amp..perfect for me
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Quote by rnrsoldier1461

i like guitars that have a vintage look obviously since i have a vintage g-400. something thats not the everyday, standard, kind of strat looking guitar. .

You know, that was EXACTLY why i got my g-400, and its the goth one so pure black.
I hate the strat, everyone has it, and i said that bout the les paul too except now i want a les paul

while i LOVEEEEE alex laiho's esp, and would wanna get it, the thing that stops me is that i dont have 4000. So whereas i do get inspired by other's gear, i cant afford it, so screw that.