well this is a thread to talk about one of punks best bands the adicts.
my top bands: The Adicts, The Misfits, The Ramones, G.B.H., |SUB|HUM|ANS|, Black Flag,
Dead kennedys, Monster squad, A Global Threat
I don't think we need an "ONLY" thread...
But The Adicts are all kinds of awesome.

They're one of the better punk bands around.
Circle that A, motherfucker!
yeah, theyre pretty good
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I honestly can't stand them.
"This shit here's called Death"
"What the fuck? You mean I'm gonna hit this shit and die?"
"No Nigga! I said Deaf. You hit this and you aint gonna hear shit!"
I find it odd that so many punks like them. They sound like Adam Ant. Punks don't usually have good taste like that.