hey guys im 15, have been playing for 1 1/2 years. i have a epi vintage g-400. im pretty good by now at least i have been told. i want to start a band by christmas if possible if not sooner. how should i go about this? i dont know too many drummers should i just jam w/ a couple different other guitarists and see if theres any chemistry? an advice is appreciated. thanks
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just start jamming with anyone possible
play music with anyone at anytime
and those who you think bond and play best with you, ask them if they want to jam officially or something
Find out if any of your friends play instruments and see if they will join a band. Or else join a group at school (of a musical kind) and make friends with any musicians. Then ask if they are willing to start a group, and if they don't, no sweat, keep trying.

Also try ads in music shops/newspapers. Best of luck!
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jam with anyone you can......be it another guiatrist, a bassist, a pianist, ect. you never know what will work out, as i found out. i went to jam acoustic one time with this hippy chick who was rather attractive, and it went pretty well. next thing you know, were jamming in school, and this kid who plays piano comes and starts jamming with us. we just keept adding people, and now we are an acoustic rock band with her on lead guitar/vocals, me on lead guitar/vocals, another kid on piano w/some vocals, a bassist and a bongo player. so the lesson here: i went over to her house to try and get some and i ended up forming a moderately succesful acoustic rock jam band. anything can happen.