Okay i've been playing for about two years, and van halen intrigues the crap out of me, I can play eruption all right except for the fast bit in the intro ( I don't know how he plays this so fast:


anyways I want to play a solo perfectly and Hot for teacher, Panama, Jump all seem a bit to intricate for me
until i figure out how to that intricate picking i described above
can you suggest a solo that is a bit easier, or tell me how to pick the above better??? i'm lost

i'm going to try to look up more videos of people playing it mayb
Oh in this 95' issue of Guitar World it has it transcribed as...

|------------------- |--------------------|
|----8--5--0------ |----5--8--5----0--|
|--------------8--- |--------------8-----|
|------------------- |--------------------|
|------------------- |--------------------|
|------------------- |--------------------|

^ Thats the correct way.
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he likes pulling off into 'nothing' = open strings

it gives the sound of a flurry of notes...
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