im about to buy an ESP Ltd b 154
and i was wundering what kind
of pickups would sound kik ass in
it cus it comes with factory ones
that sound pretty good but they
aint EMGs i was chekn out EMG's
site and i was like whoa i dont
know alot about pickups... heh
thats Cap'N Steve
the PIRATE to you
i got dimarzios in one of my ibanez and let me tell you dude.. ive never heard such a crystal clear tone before its astonishing. they are amazing
Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Ibanez SZ, RG w/ Dimarzio Super Distortion and PAF Pro
Marshall JCM2000 head 1960 Cab
and many pedals...

^i make art
and i have a choice between
that esp and a ibanez sr400
do you think i should get the
400 or am i smart for choosing
the 154?
thats Cap'N Steve
the PIRATE to you
Get EMGs. They sound awesome loud. I just joined a band and the guys keep saying how sweet my bass sounds.
I don't know the exact size of the pickups on that bass, so it's hard to recommend something. But I would have to say either Dimarizo, or Bartolini.

Highly recommend the Bartolinis.

But if you're just buying this bass, I suggest you play it with all the factory equipment for a while before you mod it. You never know, you might like the pickups it's got.
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