For a long time i thought i owned at guitar. Riffing soloing all that. Then i just relized i suck major nuts. Does this happen to anyone. I know use guitar players are our own biggest fan. Even more so if you love metal. Anyways is there any "Godly tricks" to learning fast that you guys have picked up over the years?

yeh i thought that to but then i had a few beers and i was good cause i relaxed (not saying that u should do that) but try relaxing more if your the tense type
umm...yeha ive done that..everytime i see some carzy **** i cant even come to think about doning

like dragon force, children Of Bodom...i almost hate watching there videos....

but i get over it and realise its not that complicated and try it myself
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oh no thats not what im saying. i just dont wanna suck anymore. i wanna solo. hmmm. I also hit alot of accidental open notes when soloing. i cant figure out why i do it. My left hand speed and right hand speed dont match. wtf?
practice, thats all you can do.
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yeh then u definetly need to relax because thats wat i did when i didnt relax also do u know the pentatonic scale? mabye u should look at those
when u r trying to learn a solo do it slowly to start and slowly build up speed, and u should hit all the notes
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try playing the solo..slow...then work the speed

what i did to get fast is like play this on the high E|------15-13-12 over over over and over again...going as fast as humanly possible..useing alternet picking..that helped me
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synchronization is hard to get down if you go into things like fast alt picking or sweeping immediately up to tempo. remember to practice wit your metronome! programs like guitar pro will slow down/speed up tabs for you also.
you hear all the time that it is always good to practice clean because the compression gained from distortion makes you sound alot better than you are. but because you have a problem with open strings ringing out, try playing with a ****load of gain, and practice muting all the unwanted notes as you play. you dont even need to practice this that much-it becomes automatic pretty quickly.
if you have a problem in getting to different strings while string skipping, look at the way you move your wrist and see if your range of motion might be too small or uncomfortable. maybe youre elbow picking? lets hope not. also little finger movements along with your wrist go a long way in skipping strings and getting accurate.
hmmm....im not as bad as i think i put off, i can play the main rigg in "arppegios from hell" but that aint that hard anyway.
dont do that because u can just hammer on and pull off that isnt going to help your speed when switching strings
i dont hammer it, i try and play its as fast and accurate as possible. i do it for accuracy.
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try playing this

thats a damn good one too

or play all the major notes on the 12th fret on all the strings

A|--------------- 12-14-15---------------------------------------------|
E|---12 -13-15---------------------------------------------------------|

im pretty sure thats right..it off the top of my head
play it back anf forth...alt. pick..slower then faster
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haha i just wrote this hugeass post like for a beginner, turns out he can play arps from hell. thats awesome it has some pretty scary sweeping too - if you can really play that cleanly, youre much better than i am, (and most people on ug, im sure).
ya try doing just fast songs, itll build up speed cordination and confidence, like try doing master of puppets...and just slowly build up speed when u work on a song and if u get frustrated dont keep going, it just makes things worse when ur frustrated just go do something else for a few minutes and come back to it...ive done this a few times and it works like magic...earlier today i was learning the intro to trashed and scattered and i kept messing up, went and got a snack and then came back and played it superbly
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[1]Get a metronome,
[2]get some scales from the internet or wherever,
[3]put the patch cord in your guitar,
[4]turn the amp on,
[5]set the metronome to the lowest beat,
[6]practise your scales (1 note per beat)
[7]go up a couple beats when you can flawlessly hit every note dead on each beat.
[8]repeat steps 6 and 7.

That should help a lot on speed and timing. Also on hand coordination.