If I have a stainless diamond plate pickguard made for a couple of my guitars (an HSS strat and an Epi SG) will it produce more hum or have any other negative effects, I am a reasonably proficient guitar tech so don't be afraid to talk the talk, other than the increase in weight which is fine, will there be any negative/positive effects on my tone? any insight is appreciated...
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I doubt it - Just make sure you have the entire pickguard and your entire cavities sheilded.

Gibson released the new century series which are basically white wiht a massive metal plate on the enitre front of the guitars.
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Probably not, be sure your diamond plate isnt' magnetic, so it wont' cause any problems with teh pickups. Other then that you shodu lbe fine.
i dont think you even need to shield the metal pg, and the cavities should allready have the conductive paint
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