I was looking for things that could give me that sound of bands like Bowling For Soup or Relient K just that happy maybe overdrive sound but not a really distorted sound I don't think. After reading some of this stuff I think that a lot of it could have to do with amps and more specifically tube amps I think but I'm sure a pedal could be thrown in there somewhere as well. If anyone knows how to get that kind of sound whether it be from an amp (preferably under $750) or a pedal (preferably under $150) then please post it. thank you.
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I would recommend trying a Fender Hot Rod Deville. It's an amp that worked well with my band. We did some Weezer stuff and some more music along the mid-90's rock. But just go to a shop somewhere and try the stuff out because you'll want to find the tone yourself, because me and my friedn get different tones out of the same guitar and amp set up
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