Hey. Im looking at a standard american strat which there is a deal on currently.

Its alot of cash, 1,300 dollars. Don't take that into consideration, though, coz i live in a country where 1,300 for an american strat is really cheap.

Im moving out too, and im taking a loan from my mum to pull through a year, and im on a tight budget. 1,300 dollars will get me a long way.

Anyways, i can't really get to try it either, coz it costs too much money to get there (Either 1,000 dollars worth of cash, or by ferry, which costs nearly the same amount.

Yeah, gas is expensive over here.

So, will the strat be worth it, considering i'll be living like a hermit to be able to scrape through? Or should i just wait one year (Got a nifty summers job secured next year, which might earn me enough to pay back the loan, as well as enough for an entire new year living on my own.)

Have you played Strats before? If not, what're your playing styles and what sounds are you looking for?

And you could always buy a Mexi Strat if you wanna be safe with money, then upgrade the pickups and you've got a great guitar.
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^I play classic rock and hard rock, but i've tried some mex strats, and i like the general sound, but i feel like they're not good enough. I want something even better, and i imagine americans are it. I know i want single coils for the sound i want. The mexicans i've tried just weren't that good really.
Alright then, sounds like an American Strat would be good for you, and to save money could you get one used?

There's also alternatives, like Japanese Strats, and higher end Mexican Strats.
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Well, it depends on your wants and needs. If you plan to make a professional career in music, you may as well get the American strat now. Though if you just want a nice sounding guitar, get the Mexican. Both are worth it.

But I got the American new for $2000 AUD - Not the cheapest but its damn worth it.

I don't care if you have to wait to get that, but I'd say get the American series.
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Well, okay then, thanks guys.

I don't think there'd be much point in getting a used one. If i were to get a, say, 2001 model, kindly used american strat, i'd get it for maybe a thousand bucks. Because 1,300 is really cheap for an american strat over here.

So I don't think the used option is too good since im getting the new one for so cheap.
I don't really think they're worth it, get a Mex, 'coz the tonal differences of an American Strat aren't worth the money.
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Well, i didn't really like any of the MIMs i've tried. The sound was kinda flat, and the fretboard kinda slow.. I really didn't like em...
get an Sg
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I have an American Strat and I like it. It's 5 years old this year and it needs a little fretwork done to it or I might have to replace the neck, but that's more my fault, I think, than something inherently wrong with the guitar. I didn't play it for about 3 years and didn't store it properly. My only complain, really, is that I didn't like the stock pickups. I don't think I'd get another one, but I'd get an American Tele in a heartbeat Or maybe a custom one...
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