The title basically says it all. I've been trying to write songs lately and just haven't been able to do this at all. I don't know if I should just come up with a rythm part and then try to sing whatever comes to mind when I play that or come up with lyrics before hand and then fit them into the rythm part that I have come up with. If anybody has any tips or techniques that they use that would be great. Im trying to do more of a Light Rock/pop sound.
I find it much easier to create the music first, then write the lyrics.

normally when i write a song i start by coming up with a nice rythem then i loop it and eventually i'll have an idea for a theme and i'll start to improvise the words.
Agreed ^
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yeah i've put this in other threads, but personally i prefer to write the music , then either pick some lyrics (cut and paste from multiple poems sometimes) and put them to it and see how it works, or record a rough copy and listen to it and sing along and let whatever comes out that i like be it
Thanks for asking that question, Amped. I've been having the same problem you have, lol. And thanks for the help guys!
Personally this is one of the more challenging I've found about playing in a rock band.
Syncing the lyrics and music. Maybe it's just not a gift I have, but I find it ridiculously difficult.
well im glad im not the only one who finds this exceedingly difficult but i also do not believe that its impossible. i have a friend who just comes up with songs one after the other and they arent bad songs either but then i sit down and try and its hard as hell and the songs aren't that great. one thing is that he has been writing songs for about 3 years now and i for only about 3 months seriously trying. also he may have somewhat of a gift i guess but he just has an easier time and always has at being able to do that. i just think that like anything else it takes practice. thanks for your imput guys.
I try to right the music and play it over and over again singing whatever comes to my mind and what ever sounds good I write down and eventually I have a song
Thin Lizzy
i also try doing that but then sometimes i just end up going off on really nothing at all or just something really weird or dumb that i don't even like or has nothing to do with the song. i usually just make a cd of about 6-7 songs with just the rythm and the drums and sometimes lead and then i'll listen to it while i drive to work or take a shower or something like that and try coming up with something that way.
I've been writing music for almost a year. And about 75% of the time lyrics come to me first. And I have spent much time racking my brain trying to figure out how to match the two. Mostly it's just the chord progession. But not all songs match. For me I'll spend a long time with the band mates trying to get something. The lyrics are good the guitar is good but it doesn't match much. Just sing the song and the notes/melodies/chords will come. It maybe a month later by you will have something good. A problem I have is went I come up with a riff I can't come up with anything. Just relax and it'll happen. It'll get easier the longer you've been writing. I wrote over a hundred lyrics that were wroth crap but I found it helped me find what works and doesn't as well as the style that is easiest for me to write guitar/words. Good luck.
I think the order of this seperates great lyrics and tolerable lyrics. I think when your writing lyrics and you already have music for it you're much more limited. You know what your rhythm is, so you have to find words and rhyming patterns that fit, which obviously gets rid of alot of possiblities and opportunities. It's as if your back in 1st grade and are required to color in between the lines. But, when you choose to write the lyrics before composing the music I feel it gives you more freedom because your basically working with a blank canvis.

So, your call.
I also don't really know about melodies or anything like that. I really know absolutely nothing about them except that they are the most memorable part of the song I guess and that they can either be a vocal part or a lead guitar part (and maybe a rythm part too? and im sure on other instruments but i would just use the other two) but that's about it. I don't know how to come up with one or how to distinguish one in a song I don't think. If anybody could give me some pointers on melodies and the likes or a column or lesson about them that I couldn't find I would be very greatful thank you.