This time on the complicated subject of John Frusciante.

On Stadium arcadium his fuzz tone, for me is to die for...

Now i have Total Guitar issue (English Guitar magazine) where it says he uses a Little Big Muff and an English Muff'n.

I used to have a Big Muff but traded it for a korg multi FX unit and can get a similar tone to it on that.

Ive found any fuzz tone on my tele's neck pick up suits it but if anyone knows on how to get a bit closer to it then id like to know.

Like, Pedals or settings etc...

Get a Big Muff, that'll get you a pretty damn close basic Fru fuzz tone.
I use an overdrive pedal to boost my Big Muff, and it sounds even better.

I can get a perfect "Strip My Mind" solo tone.

Ooo yea.
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