And just when I was thinking that they were dead, I read in Q's 50 Essential Tracks To Download This Month

2. I Don't Feel Like Dancing
Scissor Sisters
First single from September's new album that sees Jake Shears and co set the controls for the heart of the dancefloor. Comes complete with "laser" noises.

Does anyone know where I can listen to this?

Anyway, yeah, Scissor Sisters. I've seen them twice live, brilliant both times. Their self-titled album is pretty good indeed if I may say so myself. Can't wait for the new album.
So, what do people think of them? I'm very surprised that they are coming back.
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I don't like them enough to buy their album but I don't mind listening to them, except for their cover of Comfortably Numb - didn't think that was as good as their original songs.
i really like them, their first album was awesome. i saw them live at V fest last year and they were incredible as well. overall great band. i haven't heard their new stuff at all, but i'll sure be buying the album in september or whenever it coems out
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Ohh I love these kids!! Kinda remind me of Gravy Train (In some weird way) and they sure put on a great show!! Not bad for a band named after a Lesbian Sexual Position.
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Not bad for a band named after a Lesbian Sexual Position.

Well, it's certainly got more of a ring to it than, say, Rug Munchers.
They wrote 'I dont feel like dancing' with Elton John! They shall surpass the extreme gayness of the first album in one song.

Anyways, I really like this band. The first album is really good, and im addicted to 'Mary' at the moment. Class pop act!