Hey UG,

So, I've got a little problem here. When recording, I'm running my microphone into my mixer, a Phonic MU-802, and running the Main Out of the mixer into my souncard, a Delta 66.

While doing this I'm running my output from my souncard into channel 3-4 on the mixer which is connected to my speakers from the Control Room. This works great when not recording, but when I want to record, using Ableton Live Lite, I turn on the metronome and then it records the metronome as well as any other tracks I might have set to playback.

Alright, this problem I fix by taking out the cables that run from my soundcards outs to my mixer and putting my headphones in the output instead.

So my real question is, is there anyway I can fix it so I can switch between my mixer and my headphones? I was thinking on something like an A/B box. Is this something I can make myself?

Thanks for reading, and

Thanks in advance,
your pal Lord Jesus