hi, i have a stock gibson sg special faded, not really happy with the pickups, was thinking about upgrading to burstbuckers, any thoughts? i have never changed pickups before, is it difficult? i have little electronics experience, but i am certainly willing and wanting to learn, can anyone give me info on changing pickups? thanks dudes.
ok since burstbuckers are braided wiring it's a little easier

with gibson pickups it's basically one wire

all you have to do it stick the end of the wire through the whole that the previous pickup's wire was in on the volume pot (you will have to solder it in with a soldering iron) so when taking it out remember which hole the wire was in

then after soldering it in the hole you have to solder some of the wire on the volume pot to get ride of hum


see the two big metal wires coming out of the hole from the left? those are the pickups

see how they are soldered on the volume pot and soldered through this hole on the volume pot?

your sg should look quite similar to that
well all you need to know is how to read schematics and also you need to be able to solder. anything else is pretty much learnt hands-on also are you going to change both pickups at the same time or just one at a time?
You don't even need to know how to read an electrical schematic. They usually have drawings that show "red wire here...white wire here..." Just replacing a pickup is very simple. And if you want to know if you like Burstbuckers, take your amp, go to the guitar store, ask if they have a Gibson with the Burstbuckers and play it. But if you're looking for pickup advice, what kind of music are you going to be playing? What kind of amp do you have?
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thanks for replying guys, i want to replace both, i was really dissappointed with the stock ones, i have a schecter s1 blackjack, and the seymour duncans tear apart the stock sg pickups, the kind of music i play is- guns n roses, tremonti, some unearth, wolfmother, basic rock, very little heavier stuff or blues or whatever. i like a slash kinda bright piercing sound, the sg pickups are real weak, and sound very much like my first guitar, which was a 200 dollar junker with perhaps a poor copy of the first pickps ever invented. lol, the sg is a well built guitar, especially love the neck, but the pickups need to go imo.