If you don't know, Hit the lights are a pop punk/emo band from Lima, Ohio (right close to where I live). They are pretty good. Here's their MySpace if you want to give them a listen. I highly recommend the song BodyBag.


Their debut album "This is a stickup...Don't Make it a Murder" feat. Bodybag, is in stores now.
Yeah HTL are amazing, "Three Oh Nine" and "Bodybag" are my favourite songs
they might be good, but why did they taint the track 'hit the lights' with punk and emo?
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Meh, am I the only one that thinks they're pretty much another typical pop-punk band?

I saw them live at SXSW.

And I wasn't moved.

Then when I went to go buy a Circa Survive shirt, the merch guy for Hit The Lights insisted on giving me like 20 Hit the Lights stickers.
I was all wtf.

I saw them when they played before Chiodos. They're alright, kinda generic tho.

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