I've found for about £400 a MIM Fat Strat with a floyd rose (doesnt mention if its original ot liscensed) I cant test it out cos its off a website so are these any good?
If i do buy one I'm getting a different humbucker though.
also how does this compare to:
Ibanez RG1570
and an
Ibanez S-470DXQM as these are the other coices i have
I definately think you should get one of the ibanez's instead because they are much much better for the floyd rose style guitars plus they already come with fantastic pickups and great build quality, where as the strat doesn't at all.
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Kk, thanks, all i needed was re-assurance, cos i was thinking i could get a metal humbucker for the bridge and have the singles everywhere else, it's be good for all kinds but i suppose it is best to get the ibanez's
mim are good quality strat guitars.^^ but its hard to say whether the floyd will be good if it doesnt say whether licensed etc... you gotr the link?
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The above poster is correct, Ibanez make very good Floyd Rose equipped guitars that are better suited to hard rock and metal than Stratocastors. I'm assuming that is the style of music you are going for.
the floyd is a liscensed, it seems liek the sam eone i played a while back.

but almsot every guitar dosent come with an origional floyd rose unless its over $600.

as much as i love a strat, id go with the ibanez, it can do every thing a strat can, except single coil in the neck, but it has the coil splitting just like a strat
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