what is a band you have 2 really strong opposing feelings for (most probably like and dislike)?

deicide (legion is fuc'kin ace)
dimmu borgir (earlier stuff rocks my socks)
dissection (the somberlain and night's bane)

emperor. i hate anything after anthems that isn't "cures you all men!"

your turn
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Dude, it's Light's Bane. Not night's

Nile is one of those bands that can make you feel either completely calm and serene as well as making me in a furious mosh-mode.
Opeth. Some of their songs are some of the best metal songs I've ever heard, but sometimes I think the clean vocals really ruin the mood when they get mixed up with the growls. It's an anticlimax.

Morbid Angel. Some songs are truly kickass, like Maze of Torment, Rapture, Pain Divine, etc, and some songs are really not my thing, like Angel of Disease
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Morbid Angel - I think Covenant's a really good album, but I don't see what the ****ing deal is with Altars of Madness.

Behemoth - Grom + early stuff = gay. From 2000 = awesome.

There's more stuff, but I can't be arsed to think of it right now.
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ulver..........what the hell have they become??

quoted for truth. Used to be a great band. Ulver has lost themselves in their own soundscape lol.
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Demons & Wizards: Self-Titled = Masterpiece whereas Touched by the Crimson King is just uninspired power metal.

Dimmu Borgir: For obvious reasons
Amon Amarth
In Flames
Dream Theater

EDIT: I forgot to add Iced Earth
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Love Arch Enemy up to and including wages of sin, but after that, god help us all.

Cannibal Corpse - not a a huge fan of their early stuff, but last half of their discography is killer.

and obviously there is that really talked about thrash band that used to be great in the 80s....
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I cannot stand Slayer's music, but I've got huge respect for them.
Decapitated - First 3 albums were great. This new one however.... Bring back Sauron
Dying Fetus - Sometimes I only sort of hate them and other times I REALLY hate them.
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Iced Earth for me right now. I hope their new stuff is better, because Glorious Burder was teh gay. I love almost everything else though.
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Ulver's newer music is way better than their old.

they are trying to be mr. bungle......................BOO!! garm needs to be himself and not a mike patton wannabe.
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Cryptopsy. None so Vile was so good. Their latest release just didn't do it for me.

listen to it again
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Metallica? *cues "thanks for that captain obvious" comments*

Cannibal Corpse (like new, dont like old at all)
Youtube covers

Darkthrone. They either bore me or make me amazed.
Decapitated- Winds of Creation is great, everything else blooows.
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I'm gonna go with the CC people -- New is great, old meh. I'll agree with Sepultura too.

I guess Metallica goes without saying lol.

Early Bathory is pretty boring, but the viking stuff is cool.
Megadeth-Sometimes I'm like totally into it and then sometimes I'm just kinda meh-bored with it.

Children of Bodom-Something wild through Follow the reaper are some of my fav albums ever but then there's only a couple decent songs on Hatecrew and everything after that sucks

Opeth-lots of it is total class but if I'm not in the right mood I just wanna fall asleep lol

Symphony-Awesome talent and lots of great songs but sometimes the oddtimings and the singers voice just get to me and I can't stand it.
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Summoning - Lugburz was brilliant, everything past that makes my zits ooze in disgust
Waylander - If it has the flute melodies, I'll love it, otherwise...
Vreid - Helvete was genius too...3 minutes into it, after the most horrible intro ever created. I love the songs with the soft, clean choruses, but the others make me cringe.
Ulver and Borknagar go without saying for me - I love everything with Garm doing his rasps..after Borknagar was garm-less, they lost it for me. Same with Ulver 'progressing'.
Trollech - it's..so great..but..it's so cheesy.
The Abyss - Cursed and Slutkad are among my favourite songs of all time...but the songs actually degraded after just having started. Along with the rest of the albums.
Satanic Warmaster - ... "True Blackness"? Whatever..nothing gives me more chills than that guitar tone though, I think the riffing is pretty innovative when it comes to black metal too. That memorable riff in The Vampyric Tyrant is incredibly fun to hear and play.
Otyg - Woo, folk metal! Booooooo, Vintersorg!
Kiborg - GREATEST thrashy black metal riffing of all time, ruined by a loud drum machine.
Cruachan - Completely counter-progressed after ditching their black metal influence.
Bethlehem - Dictius Te Necare! And...I hate everything else.
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