I joined this forum at the risk of being a complete guitar n00b...here goes!

HELP!! I dunno, my sisters been messing with my electric guitar and now when I plug my guitar in, I dont here the electric part of teh guitar ><

It was a week ago when my sister messed with it, when I tryed it, it seemed fine xcept it now kept turning off if I moved the cable too much...week later I came back to my guitar and now its not working...lol I r guitar noob and have no idea wt to do!!
Yeah It's probably the input jack. Probably disconnected the leads to it. Take it to a tech if your that noobish
or you can fix it yourself by isolating what the real problem is (probably loose wire) and the fixing it which probably would require soldering and unless your afraid of it then get a guitar tech to do it for you
It could be your cable. Try it with a different cable if you have one. If not, take off the back cover and see if there is a loose wire that should be soldered where the input thing is. Only do that though if you have a basic knowledge of electronics
If you really have no clue, take it to a tech. Although by your description of the problem, I suspect it's either the cable (not the guitar at all), or the wires in the output jack.
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