I'm trying to set the intonation on the B string. When I check the note on the 12th fret it's sharp. I've adjusted the saddle both towards the neck and away. The note stays sharp in both directions. I didn't move it far either way becuase Im not sure whaich way to go. So the question is do I got towards the neck or away to take the sharpness out of the note. It's a Strat with the classic strat tremelo bridge
yo wat ya do is move it further away from the head/neck and the bridge, so backwards. its a usual problem. its definitely away from the neck so the spring gets smaller. =]
Maybe your string is wrecked, happened to me. Didn't matter which way I turned it, it always stayed sharp. Try buying new strings.
I had the same problem earlier this week on the A string. Oddly enough I only managed to fix this after I lowered the action.... then winding the saddle away from the neck sorted it out quite easily.
usually strats saddles have a groove on the plate of the bridge so just tap the saddle lightly to get it moved abit
make sure u have a set of new but stretched strings on for at least 24 hours before setting the intonation, if you have older strings, that could be the problem

and move it away from the neck, the saddles on my LP werent very sensitive either, so you may just have to try moving it farther away from the neck
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Most electric guitars provide individual string length adjustment for setting intonation. Fine tuning this length insures that your guitar plays in tune all the way up and down the neck.

Using an electronic tuner, tune your guitar to pitch.
One string at a time, play the harmonic at the 12th fret and then play the fretted 12th fret note.
If the fretted note is sharper than the harmonic, increase the string length slightly until both notes register the same on your tuner.
If the fretted note is flat compared to the harmonic shorten the string length slightly until both notes register the same on your tuner.
Repeat the procedure on all strings until the harmonic and the fretted notes are the same.

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and if it feels stuck then move the saddle by hand, like said.
if its still shot the try the new strings, like said.

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