Yup. A friend of mine burned me their self-titled album a while back. I couldn't get it out of my cd player for weeks, lol. I just found they released a new album, seeing as I haven;t been paying much attention to them lately.
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I like Total Inversion as an improvement over their first album, & I enjoy them as a whole, however, they tend to be a bit generic at times.
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Good guys.

Word on that.

Nice guys, good band.
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It's short for "Ibanez".

Kind of like how MxC is short for metalcore.


lol kirk, how can you say this forum needs a kick in the ass with some "real" metal when you post like 50% of the threads related to showing off kickass bands.

anwyays i like these guys. but i agree with the drums being a little iffy.
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i agree with the drums being a little iffy.
As do I. Dude couldn't blastbeat to save his ass.

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