Many know the twisting storyline of Gorillaz, and the "four" characters that make up this amazing band. The cooky "2-D", the Satanic "Murdoc", the keep-to-himself "Russel", and the recently disputed "Noodle."

After their 3 year break of music, The Gorillaz decided to make a comeback with the album "Demon Days". This album, unlike their others, was much darker. (For more info, you can read the review here at ultimate-guitar.com)

Another key feature about it was that the music videos seemed to form a storyline, as appose to just showing the Gorillaz performing for fans. Their chart-topping video "Feel Good Inc." showed the three members (2-D, Murdoc, and Russel) inside a large tower. However, Noodle was shown singing and playing a guitar ontop of a floating windmill island. Though there is much controversy as to what the island represented, throughout the video two helictopers are shown chasing down the island. Although, nothing had happened yet to it.

In the middle of March 06, the Gorillaz official website (gorillaz.com) showed the windmill tied to the kong studios building, and a week or two later a mini clip was released showing the island taking off. Also, in Noodle's room, boxes of her things are shown, as if being packed up. It is assumed that she will be taking a trip on the island soon.

It wasn't until a couple of months ago when the "El Manana" video was released. In it, Noodle's peaceful island was completely gunned down by the same two choppers. Noodle takes cover inside the windmill as the island slowly drops to the ground. Before anyone can tell what is happening, the island falls into a canyon. No wreckage is shown, though the free-spirited Noodle is presumed dead, as the choppers drop a bomb on the canyon. A massive explosion is shown, and the video ends.

Fans were crushed, but everybody kept up their hopes that the creators of the group were only toying with their mind, that Noodle was really okay.

In the weeks that followed, everyone frequently checked Kong Studios for changes. It wasn't long before people noticed several key changes:

Week 1- Noodle's Room Develops cracks in the wall.
Week 2- The cracks grow larger.
Week 3- The 'Armmaggedon' clock on her wall flies onto the ground, face-down.
Week 4- The cracks again grow much larger, and pieces of the ceiling begin to cave.
Week 5- The entire ceiling caves in. Also, in the lobby bozes are shown that resemble Noodle's luggage, as well as a box labeled "DedEx". This devastated the fans as Noodle first arrived at Kong in a FedEx box.
Week 6- The back wall of Noodle's room breaks open, and clouds are shown through, resembling 'Heaven' as many say.

And that is where the recent legacy of Noodle stands. It has been weeks since any new changes have been made to Kong, but everybody is still hoping and waiting for the return of Noodle. Everyone seems to be growing estless who is deeply into this story, and nobody is sure just what will happen next. Will Noodle return? Will the Gorillaz split up? If/when that answer comes, it will be covered in full detail.

-Chris Kolar
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