The Free Line Blues

- a medium tempo blues bounce through college

sitting here in the library, staring at the clock
passin by the time, oh she looks so hot
still 2 hrs to go, until i go to class
something gets my focus, oh, check out that ass
somethings bound to happen, i'm loosing my mind
The Free line blues have got me, i'm wasting my time

i'm still sitting here, sitting waiting wishing
it's been a drab day, there's a couple kissin
they don't seem to notice that everybodies lookin'
she is so hot her eggs they must be cookin
somethings bound to happen we'll have to wait and see
somethings got to happen no ones talking to me

little while later bored out of my brain
these needles in my eye are causing me great pain
now's not the time for self mutilation
it can only lead to great humiliation
somethings bound to happen i'm bleeding from the wrists
here comes the medic oh look out he's pissed

now i'm lying on the carpet staring at the fan
round and round in circles with nails through my hands
wait i can see something over there
hanging off the fan is someones underwear
do you know what this means if you don't please ask
it means someone is experiencing a very nasty draft

now you could use your imagination your wildest fantasy
to image who they belong to who is hangin' free
it's really something special, really quite a tribute
lets run 'em up the flag pole and see who salutes
something has just happened, some exciting misconception
someones playing tricks on me, damn deception
oh, the free line blues
i've got the free line blues.
They've got me
and i got 'em
The Free Line Blues,


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