i've tried the fender fm 15 watt, and ive been amazed by its tone at low volumes, before it gets all muddy beyond 2 on the master volume. it has a really nice sustain and gives a claptonish tone. yes i know that this amp is one of the cheapest solid states out there, but the voicing on it is surprising, for an amp under 100. the problem is, although i love its tone, the quality of it is bad because its solid state. is the hot rod similar to this amp? im thinking about buying a fender tube amp because i want a better version of the fm distortion that i can gig with.
The Hot Rod is a better amp, but I'm not a fan of Fender distortions at all. The distortion will be comparable to the one you get from a FM, but better.
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No the the Hot rod is not similar at all. The Hot rod has sparklying cleans, and lucious overdrive, and when you turn it up it doesnt sound muddy but sounds better. Because tube amps sound better as you turn the volume up.
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yeah the hotrod sounds a bit different, and BTW Solid State doesnt translate to poor quality, the sound just wont be as warm, actually solid states are genneraly more reliable than tube amps and dont break downb as easy.
omg! ive been looking for some1 like you :p i also love the tone you can get on the FM at low volumes :p you wont be disappointed with a hot rod im sure... be able to get clapton and stuff, i love em with tubescreamers:p
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oh i see. im gonna go down to guitar center soon and try it for myself. thanks
Fender Hot Rods are great amps, but their distortions are shameful, buy one for the cleans, and use an overdrive pedal for more gain.
And you'll definately get a nice Clappers tone.
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If you like the FM's tone at low volumes, check out the higher wattage ones, that is if you dont want a tube amp. its all based on preference, so dont just buy a tube cause evryone is like "buy a tube, they're awesome!" try 'em out, find the one you like best, then buy.
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yea. and solid state doesn't translate to poor quality. it's just that many companies make Ss amps have poor quality because the SS amps are marketed towards beginners. But some compaines such as Randall and Tech 21 make very high quality SS amps. Thier SS amps (their better models) are marketed towards pros and real musicians. Are you comparing a FM and a hot rod? Becuase that's really not comparable since one costs several times more than the other.
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I'd take a blues deluxe over a hotrod.. better cleans... which is the only thing the hotrod is good for. Throw in a decent overdrive and you have a ****ing great amp.

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i just picked up a hot rod today it has amazing cleans and the drive on it is really good unless you like metal like me then you would probably need a pedal to get that really heavy sound but other than that the amp is amazing for $560.
im not planning on spending a couple hundred for a louder fm, because all im going for is that bluesy sustain, and i know there are better amps out there for it. i dont need that much gain, because i already have a jcm2000, and its cleans are good enough for me. im only looking for the bluesy sustain and the warmth of a tube amp.
try a blues junior. 15W tube fender amp.

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