My bass' strings are extremly close to the neck at the first fret but after that they just keep getting higher and higher until they're ridiculously high. Is the problem the action or not? How do I fix it? Do I need a Pro? This is extremly annoying as the frets buzz lower down but higher up I cannot get any kind of quickness

Thnx for any help.
I have a bass that's like that, it has a really short scale neck though, I'm taking it to get checked out next week, When I told my teacher he said it's probably the truss rod, so my advice is to get that checked out.
take it the pros my man.
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Sounds like it's the truss rod. I'm not an expert on it, so probably best to look it up your self or get a pro.
I had a problem on my guitar sort of like that. Turns out the tuning pegs were loose. check those