Yea I know--simple and cliche. But im just getting back into guitar after recovering from my broken wrist so I wanted to start out with something I knew I could play. WIll crrit for crit (though my computer is screwed up and sometimes wont let me download/stream music.)
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U Suck Ass Just Quit This Is Like The Easiest Song In The World, And U ****ed It Up UR THE ****ING WILLIAM HUNG OF GUITARS! ****! DIE! FRENCH FRY!
(")_('') aww

RATM_Rocha wrote:

I hate Gun"n"roses and i hate velvet revolver, there emo music, ew.

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Chord changes were too slow and not enough distortion. My acoustic guitar could get more distortion then yours.
Is this serious?

Dont try to blam a broken wrist on your terrible cover. that was honestly so bad, its like 3 chords and you full butchered it, it doesnt flow, distortion is horrible.

How old are you?