Well ive been working on this for a couple days. this is pretty much the final version. I worked alot on this, made alot of riffs, 2 harmonies, a bass solo, 2 solos, chorus, 4 verses...etc. I called it Warbserver because, I live in Lebanon and as you know, Israel is bombing south beirut. So theres a "war" (not really) gogin on there and im an observer, since all i can do is watch. Hence, im a Warbserver lol.
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Pretty Catchy, so you get into it really fast, like this one.
Have you got a version played by you, or played by a guitar?
but i dont like the middle part of the solo..
Its pretty cool, dont stop going further
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Out of all your songs, I really didn't like this one that much. The verse is pretty cool, but I didn't like how it sounded. The chorus was very catchy and the bass solo was very nice, I enjoyed that very much. The harmonies weren't as cacthy as your other songs though, but still good. I liked the second solo more than the first, but mostly because of the faster tempo, just my kind of taste.

Overall, this wasn't one your best work, in my opinion, but it was still a good song.
Nice work.
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Everyone else is reffering to your previous work... work that I am not familiar with - not withstanding. I thought this was quite well made. A couple transitions, specially right before returning to verse 4 just seems too abrupt, other small tweeks could be made. I thought the rythm could participate a bit more in the lead, and that the lead should function as a harmonic overtone to the basic riff, specially after the second time we hear it. I like the bass solo, but thought that it should have some more variation to it. The first solo didn't really do it for me it all, no taste to it at all, not to mention it didn't really fit into the section of the song in my opinion. All in all I liked this song, quite catchy and active, I was specially glad to hear the bridge... it just made me hope the song would somehow twist into a metal song... oh well. Keep working on this one, it's not quite done, but it's going really well.