Hey guys check out "Clearing Of The Storm" my latest song. And "The End Of Days" which is a choral arrangment. For the orchestral sounds, I use my keyboard with this new Orchestral Software. The sound quality got messed up when uploaded to myspace. It's not as good as it should be.

~Long live the 6-string~
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i love it!!! great job man, love the acoustic mexican sounding solo near the end...that was awsome
Thanks man, I know the acoustic thing was kinf of bland, I was just too lazy to spice it up a bit.
~Long live the 6-string~
ok ill crit as i listen
nice intro, nice harmonies there and clean playing, nice one
cool build up, ooh nice melody here, very nice i like that, again nice tone heh i love this kind of stuff... i hate it when people are like omgz CLASSICAL ELITIST, CANT HAVE ELECTRIC GUITAR ITS NOT AN INSTRUMENT... stupid music teacher...
very clean playing here, nice melodies once again
acoustic solo sounds soulfully played, nice again
brilliant orchestration throughout the piece
the whole piece generally flows very well
good choice of instrumentation...
i really like this!
nice stuff
okay so thats whats good about it...
what could be improved?
well not a lot, but i personally might have created some completely contrasting sections just to mix it up a bit with the dynamics and overall structure of the piece
overall, very nice piece, impressive, you clearly have a good ear for music and a good head for theory, good job!

Would you care to crit my piece called "the dream"?