im planning on buying a '62 vintage fender strat reissue neck for about 5 dollars. and right now i have a squier strat and i definetly need to get a new guitar becuase im ready(i just don't have the funds to buy the whole guitar). I was wondering, if i buy that neck and maybe some american vintage '62 pickups(i think those were about $105) do you think i will pretty much have the same overall sound when adding those upgrades to my squier?
Its unlikly that a 62 strat neck would fit a Squire. Squire's have smaller bodys than normal strats.. Be patent, save your cash, and buy yourself something decent..
I really doubt that you are getting a real fender neck for 5 bucks and even less if it is a vintage one, and the pickup upgrade will definetely change the sound...
well check it out on ebay if u want to see for yourself they have a bunch going (from the same seller i think) for like $0.99 (that;'s how much they are when they start out.
American Strats, like the '62 Reissue, are measured in standard measurements. Squiers are measured in the metric system. The neck would not fit. To answer your question, no, it would not sound the same. the grade of the wood, even the type of wood used in MIA strats are much better quality than squiers. You would end up with a squier sounding guitar with a '62 neck.