Can you put a high acoustic e string onto and electric guitar or will it sound different?

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Depends what guage. Acoustics generally have thicker strings than electrics because they depend on the vibration for sound production more than an electric does. Other than that, no reason why you couldn't
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It might sound crappy because of the metal it's made of. I think electric strings are made to sound optimal with being picked up by the pickups.
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I think both are just plain steel... I could be wrong.

I always thought electric strings were made a different way to be picked up better by the pickups.
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if you get ernie balls they say either for electric or acoustic. they might be ok if ita a `0 or a 9 guage

You can edit your post instead of posting two posts. And I almost forgot about Ernie Balls for the lighter gauged strings. Yes, it will say Acoustic or Electric.
ya the only difference is most wound acoustic straings are made of bronze not steel becuz it has a brighter tone which works well with the ringing of an acoustic
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it wont sound as good, but it will do if absolutely need a string and you have nothing else.
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with high E and B strings, they're just plain steel, which is the exact same thing a plain electric guitar string is made out of. The ONLY difference is that electric guitars have nickel wound strings whereas acoustics are wrapped with bronze. Shouldn't sound any different.
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You shouldnt use acoustic guitar strings on an electric guitar though. It can damage your electric guitar.
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You shouldnt use acoustic guitar strings on an electric guitar though. It can damage your electric guitar.

yeah thats what i though...
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I cant remember where i saw it, but I know I saw it on UG and on google somewhere. Ill search for the link for you.
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I don't see any difference between an acoustic plain steel string and an electric plain steel, except for the guage being higher on average.
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Hey just to clear up the string issue - You can put acoustic strings on an electric, but as mentioned above, they won't sound right. They are usually made of 80/20 bronze, phospher bronze, and in some cases, white bronze. They can be coated or uncoated. The plain steel is exactly the same as the electric plain steel and range from .008 to .026.
The electric strings are usually pure nickel wrap, or nickel plated steel. Some are stainless steel. They also can be coated or uncoated. Some are flatwound or semi-flatwound.
Both acoustic and electric strings have a steel core unless they are for a classical guitar, in which case, they have a nylon core and may be wrapped with bronze or silver.
No strings will damage your guitar unless they are too heavy for it. The frets are made of the same materials as is the fretboard. You can use electric strings on an acoustic, but they will be quieter and make less fretting noise.
I don't think it will damage your guitar with just that string changed, but it may affect the intonation. It's a bigger guage, which means in order to make the same high E sound as it does on your old string, it needs to be under more tension. This will ultimately place more tension on your neck which may cause the intonation to go slightly out of wack. I don't think it will have any ill effects beyond that if it's only that string. What guage acoustic and what guage were the electric?


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