exactly, HOW does the Ibanez RG1520g (http://www.ibanez.co.jp/world/country/frame_canada.html)
guitar work, and what practical use does the special 'Roland GK compatible' bridge have? I know, it says
"The Edge Pro tremolo on the RG1520G is GK compatible, which allows access to Roland's GK effects and midi control. Isolated piezo elements offer superior tracking for controlling midi devices.", but can someone please translate this into simpler, understandable terms for me? can you literally have effects built into the guitar? or is it something else? do you need a Roland synth to make use of this feature?
You need a roland synth.
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There's a piezo pickup built in to the bridge. This turns the vibrations of the bridge into a signal, exactly the same as a pickup on an acoustic guitar. This pickup would sound crappy straight into an amp, but they sound really good for weird synth stuff.

Edit: If you've got a good signal processor for the piezo then you can set different effects for different strings, and things like that. Or you can use patches to synthesise all different instruments from drums to piano. The ones we had at college had a didgeridoo and a sitar patch, and one where each note was someone saying "yeah" (which sounded pretty good picking chords)

So it's good if you have a good processor.
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if you have a roland guitar synth you can essentially turn your guitar into a MIDI controler and use it to make synth sounds, you can also use it via the roland guitar synth to control other synths if you have them. Its a pretty good idea but the latency on them is gennerally pretty bad.