How are you supposed to bend 2 strings?

bar with a finger and bend or use two different fingers?
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I use two different fingers and i personally if i can, i use my first and third fingers to bend.
Bar i find the strings slip under/away from you.
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It depends on how my fingers are feeling usually. If my fingers are tired I use to fingers (which is more accurate by the way), and if I am fresh then I use one finger (not as accurate).
should i make a new topic or can i say something off this topic but still on guitar technique....
Always waiting for that bit of inspiration.
well anyway....I cant seem to play at all accurately when trying to play quickly, is it just practice or is 8 months of playing too short to expect to play sweet child o mine roughly? I am pretty good for only 9 months (in 3 days) of playing. I practiced for ages every day, now im slightly disheartend that im in a hole of not progressing as i was earlier.
Always waiting for that bit of inspiration.
I am 7 months in and I know what you are seeing. What I do is take this time to play the songs and riffs I can play to polish them up, while picking a song that is just a little out of my reach and learning that.

Just take your time. I do not know about you but I do not feel like I am making progress but when I wake up the next day and pick my guitar up, I can tell the difference.
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Play at a slow pace, were you can hit all the notes perfectly. Then keep going and when you get hit all the notes right at a higher speed comfortably, move up to that speed, etc.

USing this you can eventualy get really really fast if you keep going. Just takes a wile (But worth it!)