Okay...I ran across a 5150 cab (used) that I can get for $200 flat. I just played through it and everything seems to be in working order, so I feel the need to jump on this deal. That being said, I don't have a head for it yet. This will be my first half-stack, and I've never owned an all tube head, which is what I'm looking for. I like both the 5150 and XXX head, but I feel these are too metal specific. I do play mostly metal and metalcore (think The Haunted, Dew Scented, Lamb of God, All that Remains type sounds), but I also play other things from blues to jazz to funk. I'm definitely always on the hunt for deals but my budget will probably be no more than 600-700 USD for a used head. I might end up settling on a peavey, but I'm completely open for suggestions. I'm not looking for the best head around, just something that will sound good and get the job done. Any other suggestions? BTW, I'm sure I won't be able to afford a JCM, mesa, orange, and other high end heads. Thanks in advance and sorry this is so long.
i would have suggest the 5150, you can get a good bluesy tone from it, you just have to fiddle with it for a while.
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well your sound comes from your playing and technique, not your gear. So you can still play blues on the 5150. And you can always turn down the gain on the 5150. Or you can try to find a peavey classic head, it's good for rock, and if you want metal, jsut get a boss metal-zone.
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The XXX is 20x more versatile then the 5150..

If you play alot of metal/core, then the XXX will work fine, the cleans arnt too bad at all, and with my maxon od-9 i get sweet blusey type sounds out of it.

People say the cleans are terrible on it, i can get the same sound as my Fender Stage 100 with the XXX and single coils.
^nice...out of the two thats the one I was leaning towards. I'm not looking for the super scooped sound, and I hear the XXX sounds brighter. Any other suggestions, or should I just stick w/ peavey scince it will be running through the 5150?

Edit: Fluffy, you should put some songs on purevolume...I can't access myspace from work and I want to check out the band.
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I would probably go for the XXX. The 5150 is mostly a metal machine. It is not the most versatile thing. The XXX is a good bit more versatile. It isn't going to be the dark sound of a 5150 but you could always pick up an EQ pedal to change that a bit.
XXX will do fine, but if you want a better clean, the JSX will cover that. but you may have to keep an eye out for it at 700 dollars
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XXX will do fine, but if you want a better clean, the JSX will cover that. but you may have to keep an eye out for it at 700 dollars

Ya tru dat. The JSX is more versatile than the XXX. It is suppose to have the distortion of the XXX and cleans of a classic. That is the word on the street.
i havnt played either. but i have a JSX. and it will do anything you ask it to. i got mine a few months old, no time on it for 900 bucks.