I decided I had nothing to do today but build a pedal board so in 10 minutes I printed up some plans and went to the orange store and got some latches along with a sheet of 1/2" plywood.

photo link:


First I tried to just make the 2nd shelf...but soon after, Decided to challenge my skills and angle it

I just got in from 1 hour of work...it's about 90°F outside so I'll finish the rest of it tomorrow.

My plans are to have the power supply I'm building under the shelf to the users left...all audio cables will go though the right so there's no 60Hz hum.

It will fit 8 boss pedals from left to right with plenty of room in between on each level....so now I have to start building some pedals to get up to 16

The back will be on a hing to turn the power supply on and off and also plug more pedals in.

After a while I'm planning on making a cover that will pop on top and lock in place so I can pack it in the car.

The whole thing will be painted black then I will put velcro sheets on the 2 layers.

If anyone knows the best place to get big sheets of velcro for cheap that would be great, I'll have to check eBay.
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That looks very neat. Though, why do you want to have 16 pedals? Seems like a lot to me .
Heh, I can't wait to see this finished.
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well.... really less is better with pedals (with the whole signal/tone loss etc... but let's not get into some kind internet argument).

Nice board. I was planning on something similar for my new pedalboard.
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so did you try the boss pedal at the angle you put it at. cos imo it looks like when you push it the entire pedal board will move unless you put something at the bottom to stop it from moving
Very nice! I'm loving the whole angled-ness of it.
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nice, hopefully my pedalboard will be similar once i get round to building it, I've got to build the pedals first, lol
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Nice.. the double decker i like it
edit-why is there no 60 cycle hum if you put the cables on the right side?
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the power supply will be mounted at the left under the board, the audio cables will be at the right.

keeping the audio cables away from any transformer and power line line my power supply will reduce, if not distroy that 60 cycle hum that you often here if you have a "Ground loop"
That almost reminds me of a skateboard ramp.

Nice pedal board, I love the arrangement, I just want to see some pics when everythings wired up.
thats fine with me.

I got the neon orange letters painted on,,,,2 coats of that and its looking much brighter.

in the pics it looks like it glows with the camera flash but its quite dark with room lighting but it is painted ontop of black so that will tone it done some.

I just go the electronics order in, ill be working on my power supply now
very nice my friend, great job. yeah...it is pretty damn hot today (im in Jersey too)
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I'm really liking the design of the pedalboard. Looks a lot like what I wanna do with my pedalboard when I get around to building it when I have a pedal set-up that's worthy of a pedalboard that big. Do you think you could post the plans?
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That looks pretty damn sexy. Congrats!
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very nice

The angled top is the best bit.
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Very nice idea and execution. I've got a homemade flat pedalboard, and I'm thinking of modifying it to your spec.
Just one thing - you mentioned Velcro, which I know is the most common material for a pedalboard. I've tried it, and although it holds pretty well, I've found it inconvenient. You have to put Velcro on all your pedals, and half the time the Velcro comes unstuck from the pedal when you try to move it. Also it 's a terrible dust attracter.
I now use "Duck" Grip Liner - a sort of perforated rubber sheet which is designed as antislip for rugs, and other articles. It will easily hold pedals in position at 45 degree angle, and yet you can easily just lift the pedals and reposition, plus you don't have to stick anything to your pedals. Admittedly it wont hold them upside down, so you'd need some sort of padding above the pedals to hold them in transit.
i ordered the velcro last night from MC and just got it this morning....thats was fast for UPS ground...

anyways i have some M5 brand Super 77 spray glue that will hold that material down good and tight.

as for putting it on the pedal side, i have some good strong adhesive backed hook velcro thats holding on really well.
well i put the velcro on but wasn't thinking until I put the glue on there and tried lining it all up.

i cut the big velcro sheets exactly to size and in doing that it made the job much harder because its almost impossible to line this big sheet up without letting it tough the sprayed wood....this glue really sticks good.

anyways i should have but it with a 2 inches of extra all around then trimmed it.

ill be covering this with tons of DIY pedals so it wont be noticed much at all.

when i took the photo of the board everything really sticks out...the silver marks from the sharpie i used to measure it out and the uncovered spots.

this is not noticeable much at all when just looking at it...the cam flash really gets those details in there lol.

oh well, there's always the next pedal board to improve my mistakes.

I'm thinking of something similar for the upgrade with some speakers and a amp circuit built in.

there would be an input jack on the board like there would be on a guitar amp and so you could just bring this anywhere like the micro cube amp and just play but with foot pedals.

for this current board I'm thinking of putting some LEDs on it...the chaser type like on that car in Night Rider (I'm not sure how many of you guys have see that show)
but its a nice effect.

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I can't say I built this cause I swiped a piece of my computer desk to make it:


The pedals are cheap copies of Ibanez Soundtank's, but I love them. I have one more cable coming for the 1Spot AC Adapter which will reduce the number of wires and eliminate two adapters. The headphone amp is an original Rockman XL100. Great for practice.

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I dont know if its just me but the links arnet working for me
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I even tried dressing up as a fly myself, and throwing myself out of the window in the hope that they will follow me. But to no avail.

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we have a Llama forum, and still no drum forum.
sorry about the links guys...i swapped the board over to the completed project album and didnt update any of the links...that last link will work and ill update the others now

btw, i added the CE5 chorus pedal in there now,

I didnt have any plans to put up a layout for all the parts that were used but if im bored later maby ill do that.
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*synthesises moody's pedalboard* *incorperates pieces into my own*

Nice work, man!! Did you wire up a power on/off switch? ... or what do those switches at the top of the board do?
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That switch at the top is the power on off switch for the power supply that is mounted in the board under the second deck...it even has a neat green light

OK so I'm getting a few people who want plans so i made some up.

First, you'll notice while going through the pics that that back piece (Part C in the plans) is left short at the bottom. I did this to let the power cord come out a little back there but made up for that shortage in the plans.

The plans are all simple...the parts list tells the dimensions of the parts and how many there are of each and then you match the letter to the spot on the real pics.

It's all done with 1/2" plywood...get good wood as it looks better and then i used sheet rock screws...careful with them as they like to split this thin wood if you don't go in dead center.

Layout is about 2' x 20" which is good enough for me. When i get bored of it ill put some trim around the sides so i can attach some latches and then make a cover to pop over it and lock in place.

The plans

Sometimes my links wont work for people.
my album name is under moody07747
just look under project plans if its not working...it should be there...if not, email me.

To add to it all. I got the power supply done but lost some cable ends...ordered some more so i can use it...
the circuit and everything in the pedal board is done though.

Edit, theres also some pics of the switch in there as well.

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I got to home depot and added some bling bling to my board

you still have to undo 3 screws to open the back but im planning on filling the holes with putty and touching up the paint so it will be only one screw which ill probably rig up to some type of wing nut so I dont have to get a screw driver out to open it....or maby some type of latch on the side with a post that turns...i have a big version of what i want on my shed but im not sure they make them small...ill have to look.