i recorded a song that i wrote a while ago.
i'm sure there are a lot of problems with it,
so go ahead and pick them all out, kay?


I just want to sleep forever.

You've got some good stuff there man.
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(as i listen)........maybe a picked intro..but i like the chord progression...a little off on the melody, try to put more power behind your vioce cuz its kinda shaky on those longer notes, and im not really liking when the second vioce comes in, if you don't want to take it out maybe fade it a little possibly do some reverb on it if you have the ability to...i like the little guitar solo/break thing though...i also like the lyrics, i don't know why but they really catch my attention. you got some work to do, but i think if you put the effort into it you are fully capable of making a really good song cuz i like the lyrics but how theyre presented is not as good....good job though, and pm me if and when you rerecord it and ill be happy to crit again cuz i really dont come to this forum a lot but id like to see how this song turns out
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this song is too "cheerful" for my mood today but nice vocals, and i really like that solo thing u got going, sounds awesome.....nice job!