Hey people,
Could you give me some advice on a weird question
I have a completely black beautiful fender strat.I play and practice a lot and so when I'm in a t-shirt ,my skin is constantly rubbing against the guitar paintwork,which is causing th paintwork in that spot to wear away

Should I leave it wear away and look worn or should I just clean regularly with my peavey guitar polish so it will look good as new
There's something just cool about worn looking guitars like john frusciantes strat for example.but if I did would that lower its value if I ever was to sell it?

Thanks for any suggestions.
strats are awesome worn-in.

now a les paul on the other hand....
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i woul dkeep it worn out. makes it look cool, and prove you play alot. it migh lower its value a little unless it becomaes a collecters item like vintage gibsons
yeah is it a new one or a vintage one?
a real vintage.
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leave it worn in!!!
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Let it be, guitars look awesome, especially strats when they have wear and tear.
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