So could anybody suggest any nice classical romantic (that is, romantic sounding, not specifically the era) songs that would be a bit more challenging?
what about muse-falling away with you thats a really nice song
I was thinking more of classical music which has a romantic sound Thanks for the suggestion but I already know the song though :P
"Bouree" by Bach - not only romantic sounding, but it also contains some fantastic harmonies

"Lady of Rome, Sister of Brazil" by Al Di Meola - this one speaks for itself, listen to it

or anything by Paco De Lucia, but it might be too challenging
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Thanks and yes, as far as I have heard Paco De Lucia, he is out of my range.
Paco de Lucia music is largely flamenco. Technically out of reach. And rhythmically? Don't even think about it if you've no flamenco compas (rhythm) experience.

I'd say go for TONAL and EXPRESSION challenging pieces. I've seen many people who play technical classics, and insult the compositions in their attempts at it.

In order of increasing difficulty level:
Romance de Amor
Evocacion by Jose Luis Merlin
Lagrima by Tarrega
Cancion de Cuna by Leo Brouwer
Granada by Tarrega
Capricho Arabe by Tarrega
Serenata Espanola by Joaquin Malats ( transcribed from piano to guitar by Tarrega)
Recuerdos de la Alhambra by Tarrega