i recently went to my local music store to grab a new guitar pedal, 1 towards a metallica type tone. when i asked the guy if they had any, or knew any1 who carried a pedal liek this, he told me that no pedals can give you that sound, and the only way to get that sound is to buy a multi effects pedal. somehow i think hes feeding me Bull**** but i wanted a multi fx anyways. wut type of multi fx wuld be the best. im lookin to pay maximum, 160 cnd.

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a) he's feeding you bull **** and
b) there are single effects pedals more expensive than that...
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Look at the Zoom G2 Series pedals. He was BSing you too, if you have a solid state amp, there are quite a few distortion pedals that can get you in the ballpark Metallica tone. If you have a tube amp then a overdrive pedal on the overdrive channel can get you some pretty brutal distortion.
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