Well, come august 1st (my Bday) I will be getting a new guitar. I have tried my friends ibanez sz320 with the emg active 81/85 pickups and loved it. I play metal so it is perfect for me. However, i have a few guitars I am going to tryout first. I am currently looking to buy either the Schecter Hellraiser (no fr), Ibanez sz320 and swap out the pickups, or an ESP LTD-400 or so. Any comments about these guitars, or suggestions about others to tryout I would appreciate! I heard the schecters necks are thick, and my fingers arent gigantic, although not overly small (middle size :P) so i hope the neck on the shecter wont be a problem.
schecter all the way bro u wont regret it
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I am currently looking to buy either the Schecter Hellraiser (NO FR)

Yeah Schecter's own I have a C-1 Hellraiser and it's really good. The neck is only a little thicker than a strat, by very little.
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I saw that but I believe the other 2 guitars have trems so what is he goin for here?
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EDIT: never mind, you said medium size, although you should try Wizard II necks (you may end up liking it)
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Thanks guys! Yea it looks like i will be getting the schecter hellraiser (no fr). I am hoping musicians friend ships schecters to canada, i hear they dont :O. If they dont i will have to pay big candian dollars for it, in which case id get the ibanez or esp. Thanks guys!