A friend of mine bought a custom guitar off of their for 1200$. Has anyone ever heard of these? Im considering buying one.
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Umm...yeah. They're freakin nice guitars.
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Yes I have, and they are very, very, very nice guitars. If you buy one of the electrics, then they start building it then and there. Thats why they are so cheap and are basically custom guitars.
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Yes, very good guitars.
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very nice indeed. tony macalpine plays a six and seven string model and jason becker used to play one that was like a blue flamed maple body and maple fingerboard. if you go to You Tube and type in jason becker you can see him playing one all over the place.
my uncle has the CTM-6 in wine red with the quilted maple top....it puts my Gibbie LP to shame

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Im not a big fan of carvins, but they are in fact very nice guitars and are a really good value for money.
Carvin makes some really nice stuff. I have one of their amps and I really like it.

Carvin guitar:

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lots of stores dont sell them anymore

For the most part it's just a custom shop.
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So he tied his nose to the sea
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^ Yeah, theyre only available through mail-order or something like that

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they're really nice guitars, but i wish they would do an LP body type. I really am a sucker for the LP shape.
those guitars are really good....my stepdad still has his from like the 70s sounds great....its awesome.....
They have a single cut, a lot like a les paul. Their carved tops and double cuts are great axes.

I have a TL60 tele style, absolutely an awesome guitar. I ordered it direct from Carvin and got to pick from a ton of different options. Mine has solid alder body, flame maple cap with antique brown stain, rosewood fingerboard, H/S/S config, wilkenson trem. The best playing guitar I've ever tried. Cost just over $1k to get it to me.
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They're respectable guitars. My friend has one, and I don't like it very much, but it's good quality. It's just not really my cup of tea.