I saw a post a while ago about progressions.. It was something about a rule that major progressions follow:

A major
B minor
C minor
D major
E major
F minor
G diminished

If I'm on the right track here can someone tell me the rule for minor progressions (assuming there is one), thanks
That would be C# minor, F# minor, and G# diminished. You should probably spend time looking at the major scales more.

As for the minor, it's min-dim-maj-min-maj-maj-dim most commonly, though you'll sometimes see the bVII as major, and IV as major, often with ii as either minor or major instead of diminished, sometimes with iii as min, or augmented. V is most commonly major in tonal music, for the leading tone, though you'll sometimes see a modal v.

C min (where more than one chord is listed, they're listed in order of prevelance):
i - Cm (or C maj)
ii - Ddim, Dm, or D
III - Eb maj, Eb+, or Ebm
iv - Fm, or F
V - G, or Gm
VI - Abmaj
VII - usually Bdim, sometimes Bbmaj
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You should probably spend time looking at the major scales more.

You mean there's more than one?!
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You mean there's more than one?!


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