Hey I've been playing for almost 3 years now and im beggining to try faster and harder stuff. The only probelm is either i cant make my fingering hand move fast enough or my picking hand pick fast enough, do any of you guys got some exercises i could do/lessons or w/e Any imput would be nice thanks
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Go to the lessons section and search warm ups. They help you to increase speed if you keep doing them over and over until you get really good at them. They helped me alot.
alternate pick everything...even if its completely unnecessary....eventually u'll have economic picking.....if u can't move ur left hand fast i don't know wut to say i've never had that problem.
It's likely not that you can't move your fingers fast enough.
It's more likely that, in the 3 years you've been playing, you have done very
little work on your technique. Your fingers don't move WELL enough to
play FAST enough. It's not so much about speed as relaxation and removing
excess movement through carefull practice.
I dont think that your speed is the problem now. Its the synchronization of both hands that made great difference. Your timing needs to be correct as you alternate pick or whatever, to obtain this, practice licks slowly at 1st and eventually gaining up speed, if its sloppy, stop, slow it down. Metronome helps a lot.
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