Too all the metalheads out there, could i ask why so many metal bands name albums and songs after theological terms? Such as Sacrament? Please explain this to me, a lone punk in kentucky.
You mean like Exodus, Testament and Holy Moses? Yeah, it's kind of a shot at christianity, which is notoriously metal. Kind of continuing the shock rock kind of deal where you try and cause the biggest uproar possible.

Plus, it sounds cool. Especially if you twist it around to mean something more devious (eg Adeste Infidelis - Cryptopsy, meaning Come all ye Unfaithful)
Don't forget guys like Rotting Christ!

Another example could be Anthrax, back when everyone was finding white powder and **** in their letters after 9/11, i believe Anthreax was pressured to chaneg their name. And they didn't
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because metal heads find it cool.....but they dont know why
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